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Become a State Farm® Agent

State Farm is the nation’s leading auto and home insurer due, in large part, to the commitment of State Farm agents. Being an agent gives you a unique opportunity to develop yourself, your business, and your community. If you’re ready to step into a career that’s built around helping others, look into becoming a State Farm agent.

Compensation & Cost

Running a business is an investment of your time, energy, and resources. Few business opportunities offer the level of support provided by State Farm. Take a closer look at the investment and potential rewards of becoming an agent.
How does compensation work?

Compensation, benefits, and helping others are a few of the main reasons people choose to become a State Farm agent. Agents may earn compensation, qualify for travel, and other incentives in different ways – based on State Farm products and compensation structures.

What does it cost?

Start-up costs will vary based on individual business decisions, the type and location of your opportunity and your personal cost of living. You should also plan and prepare for the financial impact starting a business will have on your financial circumstances.


Few entrepreneurial opportunities offer the level of training and support provided by State Farm. Once selected for a specific opportunity, the training process will last about 17 weeks and includes:
Product Training

Become well-versed in the roughly 100 State Farm products and services.


Refine everything you know about running a business and leading a team.

Hands-On Experience

Get out into the field to
experience this unique career with a State Farm agent.

Getting Started

If you’re ready to look further into the process of becoming a State Farm agent, fill in the information below.